5 Major Fixes to Peer to Peer fundraising

Why in this day and age are there still many technological hurdles to jump through when it comes to peer to peer fundraising campaigns? 

Yes, there are many platforms to choose from but have they really focused on eliminating the CONS as it pertains to peer to peer fundraising?

Here are some of them and how Influence the Cause fixed these issues.

Con #1

We do not have the staff to manage the many participants and their pages

Now its a Pro

With Influence the Cause platform all you need is ONE page to create.

Each NPO creates their own campaign landing page and your peer to peer campaign is ready to go. 

The ITC platform tracks and reports all campaign activity right inside your dashboard. 

The only thing supporters have to do is start sharing.

Con #2

Controlling your message and mission to the public 

Now its a Pro

With only one landing page to manage you control the message, mission, pictures, videos and story that everyone will see.   

Con #3

Recruitment takes so much time 

Now its a Pro

Every person who supports your campaign has the ability to build their own following for your cause if they so choose on the fly. 

Your reach to empower a supporter to bring in one friend or many has just increased to every person who supports your campaign. 

Providing the tools without any learning curves of a new system will ensure you will get more traction and support.   

Con #4

Keeping supporters engaged is way too time consuming  

Now its a Pro

Never underestimate the power of competition. Gamifying each campaign with built-in points, badges, support levels and leaderboards that highlight supporters’ impact they are making on a campaign while challenging their friends is a huge motivator.  

Con #5

Only good for event style campaigns

Now its a Pro

Peer to Peer fundraising should be an all year campaign option for your supporters and not just for your upcoming Walk-a-Thon or Annual Golf Outing. 

By having the ability to engage each supporter to make a recognizable difference in your campaign is good all year round.

Peer to Peer Power

Peer to peer campaigns should not be complicated or time consuming.

Peer to peer campaigns should be about people who care about your cause and want to help out in any way they can without much effort. 

By making it easy and FUN with a little bit of competition between supporters your peer to peer campaigns can go viral for any size NPO.

You create the message and vision about your campaign and empower the community to spread your message is what peer to peer campaigning is all about. 

And that is just one of the reasons why we built the Influence the Cause fundraising platform.  

For a demo please email me directly jerry@influencethecause.com

Jerry Tuzil


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