NFT’s & NPO Fundraising Shouldn’t be Complicated


So you are a campaign manager for a NPO and you’ve thought about getting into this NFT craze. 

You’ve read a gazillion articles on NFT for beginners and now you’re totally confused. 

What’s worse is you wasted a day(s) on top of it.

Well there are ways to uncomplicate the mess and actually participate in the action. 

First off, you have to stop thinking or reading about how the NFT is placing monetary value on the person who is receiving it. 

I’ll explain. 

Let’s start with the Nonprofit Organization. 

As you were educating yourself in the vast blackhole that is NFT for beginners you have read, “what makes up a good NFT project” and found hundreds of different ways. 

But the ones that were common in your reading were the foundation of a good project. 

Mission and Vision

Trust and Transparency   




Collaboration with Influencers or Sponsors 

Pictures and videos 

There are new NFT start-ups out there spending thousands coming up with a foundation that an NPO already has at their fingertips. 

Ok, so the million dollar question is, “how do you take the foundation you have and make it into a successful NFT project”? 

Before we get into that let’s talk about the other word you found in your expedition, utility. 

A utility in an NFT is basically adding future value which is tangible or intangible inside each NFT. 


Tangible utility– Can be tickets to a gala or event or in-kind gifts from sponsors/influencers.

Intangible utility– Social status for supporting your NPO, community of people who have input or ideas in your mission and vision.  

So we have the foundation and basic utilities for an NFT project to get started and now what do we do?

Well I would say email me directly for the answers but what the heck, here we go.

Think of it this way.

Each one of your campaigns can be their own NFT campaign. 

When you create the campaign by using the pictures, videos and progress of your cause you display to the public inside your story and turn them into NFT’s that are given away to the donors/supporters of your campaign. 

Thus you are creating an exclusive community of people who have something no one else has.  

Supporters cannot get this NFT anywhere else but by supporting your cause and now are a part of an exclusive community of people who care. 

You may think of NFT’s in terms of an investment vehicle for the purchaser, which is definitely one way.

But there’s another way and that’s an emotional investment which people make everyday when supporting any cause.

So yes, you can give away swag which a supporter will soon enough place in the back of the closet or an NFT with emotional and future added value that now your supporters and your sponsor can participate in. 

More on sponsorship in Part 2 of this series.  

Shoot me an email if you have any questions 

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