9 in 10 people would buy product from a Purpose Driven Company! What does (PDC) or Purpose Driven Company mean?It is just a more direct word that encompasses CSR, cause marketing and sponsorship. Basically a company who has embraced Social Good. Mind Blowing Figures 85% of consumers would support that company in their community75% Would... Continue Reading →

Sponsorships & Nonprofit Events

How do you get support for your event? It is a common business practice for companies to use sponsorships and nonprofit events.   Creating an image of success and authority for your business is a smart way to win more customers. With Sponsorship and nonprofit events people are comfortable doing business with companies they trust... Continue Reading →

Gamification for Nonprofits

What is Gamification and how can it change Nonprofit Platforms? What is Gamification and how can it change Nonprofit Platforms?Most of us have seen the images of an exhausted gym ‘goer’ on the stair climbing machine for what seems to be endless minutes, chances are we have been just that person. Another scenario, the option... Continue Reading →

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