Covid-Impact on NPO Events and Sponsorships

Here you are spending hours racking your brain putting together a sponsorship ROI proposal for your next fundraising campaign. 

But what is your next campaign?

Is it an event, well no covid put that on hold.

Is it a Fun run, again covid.

I got it! A silent auction. Will anyone show up because of covid? 

Even if you finally figure out what that next campaign can be, you’re only going to get it scrutinized by a potential sponsor and maybe even cancelled because of covid. 

So how are you pivoting? 

What new and improved ideas are making you, no forcing you, to pivot into something new in your fundraising approach. 

Even as you try and figure this out corporate sponsors are not doing the same thing.  

They are still there mind you but for them they are playing a waiting game on sponsorship. They keep moving forward in search for that next customer as you scramble for a campaign theme. 

As a fundraiser for an NPO, time is not on your side and if you’re not moving forward with a value proposition that’s inline with a sponsor then how can they get excited about partnering up with you, especially in these uncertain times. 

You are so programmed to in-person events for fundraising that you really need to take the blinders off and open your eyes to what changes have happened in the digital age and in this time of covid. 

Even before covid the digital age has isolated certain demographics since its inception.

Personal interaction has gone to the wayside for these groups but impactful digital interaction has become a part of their everyday life. 

Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are those demographics. 

They are more than willing to shop online, donate online, chat with their friends, share funny cat videos and communicate with the world all by themselves. They have been doing it for years and embrace it! 

They are not supporters who get excited about your next Black Tie Gala or a signed baseball bat; they can care less and in this time of uncertainty, so should you. 

These groups are today’s supporters who are more than willing to show and spread their support, if given the opportunity. 

We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, don’t we. 

They are your next generation of supporters who can be your best cheerleaders and your most loyal supporters for years to come, if you let them. But here you are still trying to figure out how many boomers will show up to your next silent auction. 

Just like you, sponsors have already gotten to the boomers and they will always be there for you when it’s time to dust off their tux. 

What sponsors are fighting for now is today’s digital consumer and if your value proposition does not include a plan to include those demographics, then you do not have not much to offer a sponsor. 

The digital age has made it so that your transition to the digital world can be as smooth as silk even in the midst of a pandemic. 

It’s also highly engaging to a demographic that cannot seem to put their electronic devices down and are craving for digital attention. 

Engaging these groups into your campaign is not very complicated all you really need is 5 easy things:

  • Present them with good content
  • Present it on a resourceful digital platform 
  • Empower them to spread your message to build a community 
  • Reward and recognize them for their efforts-Make it FUN 
  • Show them how they are making a difference to your cause 

With these items you have now engaged the next generation of supporters that are larger and donate just as much if not more than the boomers and are reaching a demographic your sponsors rack their brains on for hours trying to capture. 

Next Ice Bucket Challenge anyone? 

So now your value proposition in your sponsorship presentation is more about reaching a highly sought after demographic and building a community of social good together, not how much they can pony up for your event to get a solid ROI.

Influence the Cause, the groundbreaking resourceful digital platform for NPO FUNdraising built to engage a community. 

For a personal demonstration please email me at 

Jerry Tuzil Co-Founder Influence the Cause

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