Part 2- Nonprofit NFT Sponsorship Ideas

In part 1 of this series we started unraveling the knots which are NFT’s and started to simplify things for you in the nonprofit world.   

For all you campaign managers that did your research there is one thing you need to know (for now). 

Forget everything you just read about NFT’s and how it can be a part of your fundraising campaign.

Unfortunately the technology has not caught up with you yet and you do not have the time or resources to implement it. Just yet (that’s for part 3 of this series).    

Yes you can piggyback on a bored ape campaign or have Snoop be your spokesperson, if you are lucky. But still a majority of those funds go to the NFT creator, not the NPO.  

Until technology becomes more inclusive there are ways to incorporate NFT’s into your fundraising campaigns now and bring your sponsors along with you.  

Corporate NFT’s are growing rapidly from Nike to Tiffany’s. 

Heck you can even get a Mcrib NFT.

What a lot of businesses are doing is figuring out new ways to promote their products and services and tap into the blockchain community. ( if you have not figured this out yet, the goal of all of this is to tap into that community and build on it)  

Basically we are talking about a new and exciting way of creating a loyalty program where only the holders of the NFT get access to whatever utility is set up inside the NFT.

Now we can call it “Exclusive Memberships”.

Holders of each of an NPO NFT can get exclusive membership to tickets, swag, discounts, insight, voting rights just about anything you can dream of to engage and retain a community and it’s for members only.   

It’s endless. 

What you can dream up to engage and retain an audience with help from you and your sponsors can create supporters/customers for a long time. 

We know the big corporate players can create these NFT’s basically on the fly. But the same can apply for your local pizza shop owner or dry cleaner or even you as a NPO. 

With the right technology (again part 3). 

Whether you are trying to snag that next sponsor or trying to figure out new ways of sponsorship for your upcoming campaigns. 

Ditch the Tier Levels part of your sponsorship proposal and start talking about loyalty/membership programs and NFT’s. 

An NFT is creating new ways for sponsors to build their loyalty programs inside your campaigns and create and retain a community of people already embracing NFT’s. 

Here are some examples of what you can create; 

The local pizza place can do a BOGO pizza NFT for a year.

The dry cleaner can do 20% off dry cleaning NFT for life.

Museum or concert tickets NFT’s. 

Collectable or licensing items by major sponsors.  


You, the NPO can provide tickets to your gala, insight to your organization or invite to annual meetings. 

Allow your community of NFT holders to help you fundraise. 

Top Supporter recognition awards NFT’s. 

What better way to attract the next generation of supporters than by creating an NFT that highlights their achievements.  

Even the everyday supporter can now become an advocate for your cause. 

The best part of it is that you can add on to these loyalty programs (utilities). 

The more a supporter is an advocate for your cause the better the loyalty programs can become and the more you and your sponsor benefit. 

It’s called IRL (in real life) Perks. 

Yes I know all you NPO’s don’t like the word perks. But get over it!  

NPO’s need to be thinking of the NFT as something one would hold on to instead of a tangible item that can be monetized quickly by its holder. 

Supporting a cause can be a very emotional process. 

The utilities inside the NFT can also provide that ongoing relationship a supporter has to your cause and ties to a community of like minded people, with special perks. 

Although we are just scratching the surface of where NFT’s can take us 

The supporter demographics are changing and NFT’s are a big part of their world.

Your sponsors have already recognized this and it’s time you get on the same page with them and start the conversation. 

Next week in Part 3 we will explain what an NFT campaign would look like. 

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