Are Nonprofit Organizations in the Dark Age?

Non Profit Mindset Are Nonprofit Organizations in the Dark Age? Staggeringly, the answer is mainly yes.  Nonprofit leaders want to embrace technology into their organizations, but the reality is very few do.  Some are even aware that embracing technology would also boost their organization's mission and fundraising potential.    So, one might ask, what is... Continue Reading →

For Profit vs. Nonprofit

“What’s Good for the Goose ‘Should’ be Good for the Gander” This is a common phrase that denotes, “What is good for a man is equally good for a woman; or, what a man can have or do, so can a woman have or do."  We hope this should be the case.  AND should be no different for the concepts of For-Profit... Continue Reading →

Fundraising Trends 2019

Follow Fundraising Trends 2019 Style! Adding a personal touch.  It’s no longer enough to use one generic marketing strategy and try to appeal to a very divers base of donors.  Do your homework and specialize your approach, know who your audience is.  AND make it fun, remember gamification!  FOCUS ON E-MAIL: E-mail, used effectively, can be extremely effective in communicating to donors.   Take Eblast for... Continue Reading →

Understanding Generational Donation Gaps

Generational Donation Gaps Most everyone is familiar with the term, or idea, of “generation gaps” which are technically defined as differences in philosophies between generations.  Most generations are named for the time period or global event they were born during or after, as demonstrated by the most popular group, the Baby Boomers.  Born after World... Continue Reading →

Gamification for Nonprofits

What is Gamification and how can it change Nonprofit Platforms? What is Gamification and how can it change Nonprofit Platforms?Most of us have seen the images of an exhausted gym ‘goer’ on the stair climbing machine for what seems to be endless minutes, chances are we have been just that person. Another scenario, the option... Continue Reading →

The NEXT Generation of fundraising

Every nonprofit, cause or movement knows, or at least should know, they can rely on some of their regular long term donors to help their fund raising campaigns. They even know how much they will give to support their cause and even when they will give. But every nonprofit struggles with relying on and how... Continue Reading →

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