5 Steps to Revving Up Peer to Peer Fundraising (P2P)

Asking for help from those in our circle of influence is heating back up through a proven technique dubbed peer to peer fundraising . Here are 5 steps to Revving up peer to peer fundraising by reaching out to our family and friends for money which has been going on for centuries. With technology paving the way and making it easier to reach out, peer to peer fundraisers are coming back with a vengeance. If your dream is slowing down or your company’s donations have dropped off, here are five steps to get your fundraising going again.

Plan Your Communication on a Calendar 

It’s not rocket science but it does take discipline to get out the news to our clients on a regular basis. Getting emails daily can become burdensome but a trickle policy of dropping regularly scheduled tidbits can be just enough to get your donors to open their wallets again. Folks love stories and especially those with a happy ending. Also make the words count. Inauthenticity stands out like a sore thumb. Be real. Be consistent

Consider Incentives

Millions of products each year are sold in the specialty advertising business that promotes businesses and thanks our customers. Savvy marketers do this through simple consumer products like coffee mugs, golf shirts, towels, calendars and so much more but you get the picture. Incentives drive business. It’s that simple. If I can get my favorite crepe down on Main Street for 50% off the regular price, I’m probably going to cut the coupon out and take it in for redemption. Americans loves deals and are willing to go the extra mile to get one. Consider giving incentives to those donors who send in monies and escalate the gift as the donation gets larger.

Promote Creativity when Looking for Engagement

Using lunch and learns or seminars to get your customers engaged with your charity or company has been around since the eighties. To get the right people in your chairs and opening their wallets, you need new and fresh ideas. Thinking outside the proverbial box is imperative to getting the right donors to your doors. Send gifts with meaning or write blogs with heart. When you have meetings, try something new like bringing in a sommelier or a chef who gives a few tips on cooking. Try hosting a local artist who makes pillows out of leather scraps, turquoise, and silver. The bottom line is to be creative and stand out from the crowd.

Recognize Your Givers

Having a personal relationship with the donors is imperative to keep the communication open and the donations flowing into your charity. Host events to honor them at least yearly and send out personally written thank you notes for their gifts. Know your clients by giving them what they need to feel appreciated whether it is a calendar of pictures or a list of the those who have been most loyal to the cause. It is tough to say thank you too much. Be in gratitude and let it be known. 

Pay Attention to Trends and What Works

On Facebook lately a lot of my friends have been hosting birthday drives to support various charities such as St. Jude’s Hospital and the Dumb Friends League. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many folks have stepped up to contribute. Readers love stories with emotion and heartache that turn out better, just like in Hollywood. Take the time to pay attention to which of your big donors are giving and send them a shout out. Before you do, make sure it’s what they want. After all, some peeps like privacy and just want a coffee mug.  

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