Are Nonprofit Organizations in the Dark Age?

Non Profit Mindset

Are Nonprofit Organizations in the Dark Age? Staggeringly, the answer is mainly yes.  Nonprofit leaders want to embrace technology into their organizations, but the reality is very few do.  Some are even aware that embracing technology would also boost their organization’s mission and fundraising potential.   

So, one might ask, what is the hesitation for nonprofit organizations to engage in the fast tracks of technology?  First, it might be their mindset.   Nonprofit Organizations want to save the world; their mission, cause, humanitarian efforts, fundraising, volunteering base and of course donations.  They’re not spending time thinking about how to increase their margins or bringing in more business the way that a startup or any for-profit company would.   

This mindset needs to change.  There are so many ways that implementing technology in your nonprofit organization that would increase productivity and ultimately increase donations.   Nonprofits need excellent communication with their donors, and technology can help.   Starting with CRM, customer relationship management.   This is a technology for managing all your company’s relationship and interactions with customers and potential customers.  Nonprofit leaders need to think of their organization as a business.  The customers are your donors and your potential donors.  

3 Ways CRM Can Help:

  • People are overwhelmed with the number of emails they receive in a day.   CRM can help track what your donor’s preferred form of communication is.  CRM would inform you that it might be way more beneficial to connect with them by Social Media.   
  • Nonprofit organizations have plenty of data but do not necessarily know how to apply it.   The proper use of data analytics, like CRM, would assist in evaluating their impact.   A prime example, CRM can track all sort of things about a donor or prospective donor.  Such as their contribution history, engagement history social media links, and more. They are turning information into fundraising dollars.
  • Your donors have a face; they are real people.   Get to know them!  CRM can provide you with detailed information allowing your nonprofit to connect more efficiently with your donor base.  When people feel that you took the time to get to know them, they are more likely to feel appreciated, and more likely to want to support your charity.

Using technology in the sophisticated ways we’re thinking about is new to many people, especially people who are older and less technologically savvy.   Many of whom are leading nonprofits.  Let’s take a look at social media.   In a Pew Research Center report conducted in January 2014, it showed that 74% of all online adults used some form of social media.   With that 74% on a rapid increase.  Fundraising campaigns found that 55% of all people who use social media will donate to their campains.

Are Nonprofit Organizations in the Dark Age with Social Media Exposure?

If your nonprofit is not on the social media bandwagon, think of all the missed donation dollars.

There is a good chance you are reading our Influence The Cause blogs on your smartphone.  Great, chances are you are not alone.  At the end of 2018, statistics showed that 57% of global web traffic originated from mobile devices, which means that your website, donation pages, and email templates had better by mobile responsive.  If it is not user-friendly across the board, it will discourage your donators.

These are just a few ways how technology can be used to boost in fundraising dollars for nonprofits.  Change the mindset, your organization and cause can no longer afford NOT to implement today’s’ technological world.    

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