Brand Ambassador or Reward Programs- NPO’s Should use Both

Today’s market is very competitive and every Company battles constantly for the satisfied customer to tout their product or service to their friends, family and followers.

The goal of any company is to get these types of “Brand Ambassadors”. Which is obviously the best and most cost effective way to promote your product or service.

The other most cost effective way for repeat customers is motivating them them to come back for more products or services in a timely fashion using loyalt/reward programs.

NPO Board Members tend to think that Brand Ambassador programs are way to time consuming and Reward/Loyalty Programs are too complicated to implement in a fundraising campaign.  

But are they?

Companies use both these programs constantly and they can be highly effective for them but NPO’s are barely scratching the surface when it comes to using them.

I can just hear the Board Members now, “Brand Ambassadors are not cost effective”, or  “Our supporters do not want to be incentivized to support our cause”. 

If that was the case then why are these types of programs being used in basically every aspect of our consumer lives? 

Because they work. 

People are emotionally driven by their satisfaction of a product or service and even more so when they support a cause or movement, especially if their peers are a part of it. 

Tapping into one’s emotion for a cause or a product is paramount to its success and viralness and NPO’s do not know if the next Brand Ambassador is worth the cost and even more so, emotionally tied to their movement. 

Whatever the reason a supporter is already emotionally tied to your cause so why not empower that person on the spot, inside your campaign, to become a “Brand Ambassador” and help spread your word to their peers and even reward them for their efforts so they keep coming back.

Does that sound like you’re paying your supporters? I think not. 

Empowering new or repeat supporters to hit certain campaign milestones during a campaign can go a long way to reaching your goals and building your base. 

Even if the milestone is something as mundane as sharing with 5 friends.  

Acknowledging those efforts with a support badge or milestone achievement award or even a coupon or gift card from your sponsor to say, “Thank you for your help and please keep going”, can be very engaging to that supporter, let alone higly effective for your campaign.  

Loyalty/Reward programs, badges, milestone achievements and the like can take on different forms but are all aspects of engagment normally used inside gamification.

They combine the Human Focus aspect as well as the Functional Focus aspect of gamification, which is why it makes them so successful and by doing something as little as giving it a title of “Brand Ambassador” and asking a supporter to do just one thing for the cause adn asking hem to repeat it, you are engaging each supporter to become a part of your movement during that campaign and even the future of your cause.   

NPO’s must also understand there are more meanings to the word incentivizing than just monetary. 

Having the feeling of Meaning, Accomplishment and Empowerment when they support your cause is a very enticing incentive to a supporter.      

For more information on the Gamification of Fundraising and a Demo of our new Gamification Fundraising Platform please email me at 

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