Twitter For Nonprofits!!

Modernize your Nonprofit!

Is your nonprofit organization modern?  Have you considered using the popular social media platform Twitter?   Twitter for your nonprofit may seem like an unlikely tool, especially if you are old school.   Recently, Influence The Cause has explored how different social media platforms can make an impact on nonprofit organization and the causes they represent. You can refer back to Snapchat your nonprofit.  Twitter for your non profit is another powerful tool for your cause.   

Network your Nonprofit on Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets.  Tweeting is posting shore messages for anyone who follows you on Twitter, with the hope that your words are useful and interesting to someone in your audience.

Twitter is a fantastic way to engage donors and potential donors.  It is easy to get trapped in a rut and stay in the office instead of getting out to engage with your supporters.  Twitter is one way you can connect with supporters and not disrupt your everyday routine.

Four ways to connect on Twitter

  • You get to meet people all over the world that might be interested in your cause.
  • You get to hear what people are thinking about a wide variety of issues.
  • You can follow other fundraisers and get great real-time advice.
  • You can even promote traffic to your website or those of your friends. 

Think of Tweeting as mini-blogging.  Each Tweet is limited to 140 characters; this encourages your messages to be direct and efficient.   Now let’s examine how Twitter can be utilized to benefit your next fundraiser.   Twitter fundraising has steadily been on the rise in recent years.  Twitter can be used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and charitable causes.  It is also used to spread awareness about social issues.

4 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Next Fundraiser

Create Energy

Generating excitement around your cause and fundraising event is essential.  Set your event and charity apart with fun taglines and hashtags.  Note, Twitter is more successful with minimal hashtag, so make those minimal hashtags (s) count.   Hashtags can also be beneficial in branding your fundraising event and nonprofit.

Twitter can undoubtedly create hype; one example is setting up a contest.  Remember Gamification! Holding contests is a resourceful way to invoke interest in people.  

Be Concise

Be sure to state your purpose clearly and concisely.  Let potential donors know why they should care about your cause, and be specific about how their contributions will benefit others.  

The fundraising initiative Twestival is a primary example of an ecosystem effectively harnessing the power of Twitter to raise money at both global and local levels.  In 2009m over 1,000 volunteers and 10,000 donors raised $753,000.  Two hundred sixty-four thousand of that sum went to Charity Water, while the remaining funds went to 135 local charities.

Back up your Twitter

Twitter is great at many things.  It is a tool for communication, and in this case with your donors.  It is a social media platform for spreading your message.  It is an information source and a way to build your cause in the community.  However, Twitter alone with the created hype does not guarantee denotation dollars.

Use Twitter to generate that hype and draw interest THEN have a solid base, real people to then take over and connect.  It would help if you had something strong set up behind the scenes of your Tweets.

Ask for Feedback

Twitter is a fantastic way to engage with donors by promoting their feedback.   Ask your followers what they felt worked or what improvements need to happen before the next fundraising event.  Be open to criticism and suggestions about ways the event could have run smoother and more effectively.   Have an open mind and embrace feedback, both positive and critical.

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