The NEXT Generation of fundraising

Every nonprofit, cause or movement knows, or at least should know, they can rely on some of their regular long term donors to help their fund raising campaigns. They even know how much they will give to support their cause and even when they will give.

But every nonprofit struggles with relying on and how to predict millennial activity on a consistent basis.

Now I can list the factors as to why or give the top ten best ways to attract millennials but that would still be impossible to measure their reliability on a consistent basis and that’s because of the attention span of a millennial and the amount of stuff that bombards them on a daily basis.

Millennials attention span is measured in seconds and then deleted. Deleted from their electronic devise and from their brains in most cases.

They receive hundreds or even thousands of items on their devises a day and range from every category of anything that one can think of. Getting them to concentrate on one thing is not an easy task.

But there is one thing millennials do on a consistent basis that your long term donors do not and that’s their competency to share with their sphere of influence. Share with their friends, share with their family, share with the world if they could.

If a cause can have thousands of eye balls reading a cause message, even if only for seconds, would that not attract more support for that cause?

If the people who are eyeballing the cause message can be rewarded and recognized just for sharing a cause message, would that not attract more millennials sharing your cause message?  

If you were able to track and score that activity and show the millennial their progress, would that not get their attention a little more?

If you were to let’s say create a game within your fundraising campaign.

A game to where every millennial can be rewarded and recognized for helping support your cause.

A game to where the sharing and/or donating can be done for more than one cause at a time and the more they share and/or donate to any cause the more rewards and recognition one can receive.

A game to where every person in the world can be a “volunteer” of your cause to help your cause movement and it would not take any longer than to share a picture.

A game to where anyone who wanted to play can build their philanthropic legacy through points and badges and reach personal emotional heights for all to see.

So how does a gaming within a fundraising campaign convert shares into donations?

It’s all in the numbers. You can read any report given by the fundraising industry experts and it tells you that x amount of people you reach equates to y amount of donations.

And if one digs deeper into gaming reports it will tell you that a gamer average age is over 30 years old and it’s about the same percentage of men to woman.

(This video will put it in perspective).

Bet you did not know that.  

So you see gaming is not just for the teenagers killing zombies.  

Gaming is about engaging and retaining and competing against yourself or others in order to reach a personal emotional plateau no matter what generation you are.   

Supporting a cause should be rewarding, whether emotionally, spiritual, receiving a thank you, a gift, or in any other form, otherwise why would one help?

Allowing a person to “volunteer” their efforts through gaming inside a fundraising campaign to help spread its message and reach their goal should not be a hindrance or costly to any size cause and should generate an emotional rewarding response for the “volunteer”.   

Once supporters understand that they are helping the world and building a personal legacy it will undoubtedly grab their attention and keep them coming back for their emotional fix in which can be tracked and analyze for future campaigns.

Influence the Cause is a platform built for just that.

A way to attract and retain a supporter within a fundraising campaign through gamification and provide a gamer the tools to reach a personal emotional level and be rewarded and recognized while helping every cause achieve their goals.

A platform where any size fund raising campaign can create and promote their campaign

A platform that allows any supporter to become emotionally tied to a campaign

A platform to where supporters are recognized and rewarded for their ongoing efforts  

A platform where sponsors can promote their support right inside a campaign  

A platform where every supporter can build their philanthropic legacy by supporting a cause for all to see  

A platform to help fundraising campaigns spread their message using 21st century technology no matter what their resource capabilities are     

Gamification is not about playing it’s about building and no matter what age bracket one is in building a legacy is an emotion we all want to leave in some form or another.


Influence the Cause– The NEXT Generation of fundraising platforms  

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